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Enhancing Logistics in the Brazilian and Latin American Supply Chain Landscape

Thaís Viganó, transport operator
Thaís Viganó - Rota sul

In the ever-evolving world of logistics and supply chain management, finding efficient solutions to meet the demands of an increasingly interconnected global economy is paramount. Brazil, as one of the largest countries in Latin America, plays a crucial role in the regional supply chain, presenting unique challenges

and opportunities for businesses operating in the region. To delve deeper into this complex landscape and explore the innovative initiatives being undertaken, we talked to Thaís Viganó, a partner at Rotasul, a prominent carrier working in collaboration with Easy4Pro.

In this exclusive interview, Thaís offers us a partner's perspective on enhancing logistics in Brazil. Drawing on their expertise and experience, Thaís sheds light on the advancements, challenges, and potential strategies for optimizing the supply chain network in the region.

1. Can you provide an overview of your role and your company's core activities and services in the transportation industry in Brazil?
Rota Sul has over 25 years of experience in various transportation operations, with its main route being the Rio Grande do Sul - São Paulo axis, as well as inter-municipal freight in the state of São Paulo. Our range of clients is quite diverse, serving the automotive parts, household goods, beverages, ceramic floors, and iron and steel artifacts sectors.
2. What are the current challenges you have observed in the transportation industry in Brazil and Latin America, particularly in Quarter 1 of 2023? How have you successfully addressed or overcome these challenges?
Facing challenges is part of the daily routine of a transportation operator. In the course of our operations, we have faced the well-known challenge of fluctuating fuel prices, which is accompanied by a discrepancy in freight rates. Additionally, I believe that as a result of the pandemic, we have noticed that freight demand has become more unstable, with periods of significant decline where vehicles end up being idle.
3. Considering the rising fuel costs and supply chain disruptions, what proactive measures can carriers in Brazil and Latin America adopt to mitigate their impact on business operations?
Maintaining a good relationship and an open and honest channel of communication with the client has always been a fundamental pillar in Rota Sul's history, and I believe it is a necessary tool for moments like these. Furthermore, transportation companies should always seek new cost-reduction tools as well as qualified personnel to implement them.
4. Looking ahead, what emerging trends do you foresee in the transportation industry in Brazil and Latin America? How can carriers effectively prepare themselves to leverage these trends?
It is impossible to talk about emerging trends in any sector of the economy without considering technology. New technologies are being rapidly introduced to the market, and it is up to the transporter to have prepared and proactive personnel to embrace and utilize them for transportation optimization, cost reduction, and greater effectiveness in operations.
5. Collaboration among carriers and industry stakeholders has become increasingly important. How do you view the significance of collaboration in addressing the challenges faced by the supply chain industry?
As I mentioned before, an open channel of communication between the transportation company and the client is a key factor in the successful performance of our company. By working together, it becomes possible to serve the client in the most satisfactory manner while still considering the operational needs and peculiarities of the company.
6. From your experience, can you explain the importance of utilizing software solutions, such as Easy4Pro, to simplify and optimize the logistics process in the context of Brazil and Latin America?
Software solutions like Easy4Pro have come to bring transporters even closer to their clients, satisfying the demands of both parties. The use of the platform leads to process optimization and saves time and resources for both the shipper and the transporter.
7. As someone who has used the Easy4Pro platform, how would you describe your experience with it? How long have you been working with Easy4Pro, and what specific aspect or feature of the platform did you find the most valuable and beneficial to your business in the Brazilian and Latin American transportation landscape?
I have been using Easy4Pro since January 2023, and I only have positive feedback. The platform is intuitive and user-friendly, providing complete yet concise information necessary for freight execution, including all stages of transportation: quoting, collection and delivery information, tracking tool, vehicle identification, billing information, and more. With the use of Easy4Pro, we have significantly reduced the idle time of our vehicles, maximizing the use of our fleet.
8. If you were to recommend Easy4Pro to a potential customer in Brazil who is considering using the platform, what would be your main selling point or key message?
Cost reduction. The platform enables transporters to make competitive bids among themselves, resulting in reduced transportation costs while optimizing fleet utilization for the transporter. Additionally, the participation of multiple transporters in bids ensures greater efficiency in meeting the shipper's demand.

Easy4Pro is designed to streamline operations, increase efficiency, and save time and money for logistics professionals. The user-friendly interface makes it accessible for professionals of all experience levels to easily navigate and integrate into their daily operations.

Are you looking to optimize your logistics and transportation processes? Click the link below to learn more about E4P and how it can transform your business operations.

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