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On-demand Transport Platform

On-demand Transport Platform

The private marketplace
for efficient on-demand transportation

Transport modes
& Invitation intelligence

Benchmark every transport you buy.

Collaborate with our reliable carriers or bring in your own suppliers. Simplify your procurement procedures and reduce errors by enforcing compliance.

Our transport platform is available on-demand, providing you with a solution to optimize your procurement processes.

Premium freight manager - Easy4Pro
all shipment solutions
Urgent shipping solutions

One place, all solutions

  • Set up your approval flows

  • Retrieve and centralize all your rate cards in one place

  • Foster competition among suppliers through reverse auctions in Real-Time

  • Tailored solutions available for any transport mode, ensuring comprehensive coverage for all your needs.

Compliance oriented

Empower your compliance journey.

Gain approval from validators using any device, ensuring effective segregation of duties. Guarantee one-to-one price confidentiality while simplifying your freight audit and financial intermediation processes. Integrate with your ERP or TMS through APIs/EDI's for enhanced connectivity and efficiency.

Freight management platform
Iso 27001 certified
Analytics Easy4Pro

Powerful Analytics

Choose between simple reporting or dive deeper with our Business Intelligence dedicated service. 

  • Track performance and cost savings per plant with precision

  • Monitor carrier quality KPIs to ensure optimal service levels

  • Stay informed with real-time updates via our tracking links, and for premium tracking options, simply reach out to us.


Additional services
Transport management system


Discover enhanced support with Easy4Pro's additional services

  • Standardize your on-demand delivery process. 

  • Keep everything under control by maintaining an overview of all that is going on, intervening in transports at any time to adapt processes and steer them in the right direction (With the support of our Control Tower partners).

  • Get insights from our experts to optimize your supply chain process through our Consulting Services.

Freight management platform

Using a few figures

Best part?

No subscription is needed, just pay-as-you-go.













Forvia Logo

Easy4Pro is a great tool for our purchasing strategy, achieving around 20% of cost avoidance and ensuring full compliance with our company standards.

Brose Automotive Logo

With Easy4Pro it is much easier for our staff to find the right carriers. Especially with premium freight. Now we have a much better overview and hire exactly the carriers we want.


What I like the most about Easy4Pro is that it is flexible and always finds the best solution.

Thyssenkrupp Logo

I decided to implement the Easy4Pro solution in order to optimize the workflow of my team for on-demand transport. The results were so convincing that the solution will be implemented by my colleagues in other factories throughout the group.


Senior Vice President Group PC&L FAURECIA

Stanislav Gorkurov,
Central Logistics Department, Transportation Management. BROSE GROUP.

Michael Pagano
Supply Chain Manager Thyssenkrupp Steering

Easy4Pro allows you to achieve economies on your on-demand transports and
at the same time keeping it simple and efficient.

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Shipper? Let’s start

Logistic service provider

Logistics service provider? Become a partner

Affiliate reseller

Affiliate Reseller? Work with us

Save time by process optimization and automation - Reduce costs by cost avoidance savings, and benchmarking - Use our transparent and compliant on-demand transport platform - Control your spending with our Business intelligence.

Earn more while diversifying your customer base, and find new customers. Grow your existing business, Become a reseller, and Develop new business, Use Easy4Pro bidding & one-click offers.
Full visibility to requests from your clients - Use our innovative technology in your favor.

Promote our leading booking platform and earn commissions for every referred new customer when you become an Easy4Pro Affiliate.

Our Affiliate Reseller Programme is free to join. Receive a commission for every purchase originating from your prospecting. Contact us and book a meeting to discuss the opportunities!

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