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Control Tower

Standardize your on-demand delivery process


Keep everything under control by maintaining an overview of all that is going on, intervening in transports at any time to adapt processes and steer them in the right direction. (with the support of Redspher or other Control Tower partners).

Quick wins combined with long/term improvements


Track cost-savings

  • Each “real-time RFQ” is tracked with participation rate, price offers & choice.

  • E4P guarantees transparency bringing economies.

Interactive approach toward optimizations

  • In our quarterly meeting, we will study the contracts to be negotiated and where to get new carriers or transport modes to apply.

Your Benefits


Operations Managment

  • Access management per user with individual right levels. 

  • Manage the correct usage of transport modalities.

  • Easy validation of transport requests.

  • Control of KPIs vs suppliers' commitments.

  • Delivery management: We will ensure your delivery gets done no matter where the carrier is.

Purchasing Management 

  • Save time and energy on supplier research and management.

  • Control of real invoices vs contract rates.

  • Centralization of invoicing.

  • An invoice that reflects the added value requested on individual transport.


Decision Maker

  • A centralized platform for all requests.

  • Easily compare services and rates

  • Full compliance.

  • Possibility to evaluate the service provider.

  • The expertise of the #1 On-Demand Transports provider in Europe.

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