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Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Hervé Galon, Global Leader for Material Planning and logistics, Off-Highway Business Unit. DANA INCORPORATED.
Global Leader for Material Planning and logistics, Off-Highway Business Unit. DANA INCORPORATED.

Every now and then we like to interview our Heroes, people who have looked beyond their everyday problems and workload and sought a solution.

Today we are glad to present to you Hervé Galon, who has 30 years of experience in supply chain and in industrial consulting. Hervé has been working at Dana for 9 years and is the global leader in Material Planning and Logistics for the Off-Highway business unit. He describes Easy4Pro as: “an effective solution that provides visibility, competition, control, centralization, and consolidation, bringing genuine value to our company.”


Dana is a leading supplier of the fully integrated drivetrain and electrified propulsion systems for all passenger vehicles. Working collaboratively with original-equipment manufacturers and the aftermarket, they focus on delivering best-in-class efficiency, maximum durability, and superior ride and handling across the globe.

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“We could find a more structured way around these transportation issues and respond to them quickly.”

“The last two years have been very active, we ship worldwide, we have several plants in different parts of the world. Until 2019 everything was running pretty smoothly and suddenly everything started to become chaotic. Suppliers were not responding to growth as fast as us, therefore we needed to expedite either from suppliers to our plants or from the plants to our customers. Through Easy4Pro, because we use more express freight, we could find a more structured way to manage these transportation challenges and respond to them quickly.”

“We have more control and visibility in the transportation process.”

“Even before Covid, we had express freight in many places and we wanted to have more control and visibility over it. The visibility provided by the integrated solution is absolutely key and so Easy4pro became interesting because we started to centralize the process with approval levels which brought greater visibility. Also, through the consolidation, we could have more control and competition in the transportation process, since the competitive bidding brings genuine value for us and that is quite significant.

So instead of discovering at the end of a period that the plants have spent so much money , we monitor the current situations so we know when the needs are expressed and can take recovery actions with the suppliers or customers immediately.”

“We really appreciate the support we have and the relationship between Dana and Easy4Pro


“As per what we were trying to achieve, I can say we had positive internal echoes since the implementation of Easy4Pro. We wanted mostly visibility and control and we have them and since we use it only for premium freight and in Europe, I can say that Easy4Pro responds to 100% of our business needs.“

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