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Segregation of duties

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

Have you ever wondered who takes the responsibility of validating non-negotiated prices?

How is this work done in your company? Who looks for the best fit price/ quality/ services? Who validates this price?

Segregation of duties serves two key purposes: It ensures that there are oversight and review to catch errors. It helps to prevent fraud or theft because it requires two people to collude to hide a transaction.

At Easy4Pro, we can propose to you two solutions: there are two different validation flows possible.

1. The first one is that every one of your employees has a clearance for a pre-defined expense limit.. Above this amount, he will need to request validation from his superior.

2. The second way is that per plant (organizational unit), there is clearance for any employee. For example 150€ above this amount, we have four levels of validators per plant with different clearance amounts for each of them. Since we know emergencies happen also during the weekend, we have designed everything mobile friendly and we have also given the possibility to the user who requests the validation to escalate to the next validator if he has no answer from the first one.

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