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Updated: Jun 7, 2021

We live in a complex world.

Procurement departments often have achieved great improvements, but they have a hard time taking advantage of them. Applying a procurement strategy may be as challenging as designing it.

Classical architectures may be based on:

a-Public market prices, there is a commodity standard pricing to follow.

b-Negotiates prices, due to high volumes, usually public prices may be optimized.

c-Spot basis pricing, a request for a quote is needed at every time.

The reality is that the very best price & quality comes through a permanent evaluation of points a, b and c. That’s why Easy4Pro centralizes them all on a single interface for you or your team to choose the best solution.

This makes procurement of logistics department strategy stronger in real life.

Whenever the compliant cheapest solution is not chosen, a justification will be requested from the decider.

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