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On-Demand Transportation. Let’s tackle the challenge together!

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

The on-demand economy is booming. There are two major driving events nowadays. The first one is the need of the customer for instant gratification or the NOWISM trend and the second one is lean manufacturing as B2B.

Let us explain how:

As final consumers, we now live in the era of Amazon, Uber, and others. The "Amazon effect" is everywhere, it is part of customer expectations. We can buy online and expect what we ordered to arrive the same day or two days later, all without ever leaving the house.

While this has a huge impact on our habits as end customers, the impact of "on-demand" on the efficiencies it opens up for the industrial world is even greater.

How "on-demand" has forever changed the way businesses operate.

Before the "on-demand era" companies had to keep a lot of stock and therefore the inventory costs for companies were very high. Overall, inventory costs range from 30% to 65% annually! Although this situation differs from one firm to the next, it must not be underestimated. In some cases, the cost of inventory exceeded 75 percent. The first, generally the most obvious, is the cost of warehousing, but not only, we often forget the hidden costs of response time, taxes and insurances, handling, administration, quality and obsolescence, deterioration and theft, etc.

The world changed, thanks to experts trying to improve the supply chain and realizing how Lean can add value and reduce their costs significantly.

A lean supply chain defines how a well-designed supply chain should operate to deliver products to the end customer quickly and with minimal waste. A lean supply chain is a great enabler for any organization striving to become leaner and more efficient. Organizations within a lean supply chain are able to more easily leverage their own lean journey and deliver better customer value by responding to customer needs more efficiently, quickly, and predictably. One of the first objectives to be accomplished to achieve it is implementing a Transport Management System.

The challenge of "On-Demand" is to achieve the necessary efficiency and cost reduction by choosing the right solution for the right need, which is enabled by technology, Big Data, and machine learning in the form of platforms.

"On-demand", spot, or irregular transportation is trending now more than ever, and we know it's here to stay; it's part of the future. On-demand platforms and apps are increasing day by day, making their customers' lives easier with a handful of different tools. Statistical reports show that 65% of businesses have increased their profits by using on-demand systems. On-demand technology offers the BEST solution for every need. LOWER pricing for customers, INSTANT COMMUNICATION between customers and their suppliers, AVAILABILITY, and TRANSPARENCY the products or services they need.

So, let’s tackle the challenge together!

How is Easy4Pro positioned?

Since 2016, Easy4Pro has developed a procurement software solution to help all those companies that need irregular transport. Why waste time contacting all the carriers one by one to get the best deal for your freight when our platform can help you do it. At Easy4Pro, we have transportation mode intelligence that helps you connect to the right "on-demand solution", be it parcel, air, ocean, road with your negotiated rates, a bidding system, or API connections to get real-time pricing. Our goal is to give our customers an instant response and make it easy to connect with carriers. We want to make the process of finding a carrier fast, easy, time, and cost-efficient.

Need to transport full truckload, LTL, unit, pallet? No problem! Our user-friendly platform helps you use analytics to understand how to reduce freight costs, automate processes to save time, track carriers in real-time, and provides invoice verification to check in case of carrier overpayment.


  • Centralization of all solutions - Our platform allows you to assemble all solutions at once. Rate cards, on-demand spot bidding, parcel services can all be offered on our platform.

  • Rate Cards - Automatically retrieve a price based on rate cards from your suppliers. Successfully apply for your negotiated rate cards. Enforce them across your decentralized organization. If you don't have negotiated rates, don't worry, you can use ours.

  • Parcel Services - Compare quotes from global parcel service providers on the same screen and at the same time. Choose between our negotiated parcel prices or your current negotiated parcel prices. Print your parcel label on our platform!

  • Track & Trace - Check real-time carrier location 24/7 from the same platform. Already have a partnership with a tracking aggregator? We can display their status updates in our system.

  • Chat and Document Management - Save your time by avoiding phone calls, emails and start contacting your carriers via live chat. Exchange files for invoicing or customs.

  • Financial Intermediation - Receive one invoice per month from us, we pay all carriers.

By joining our shipping community, you can view the best rates and compare your price to the market at Business Intelligence.

SPOT shipments are no longer a hurdle with Easy4Pro. Instead of contacting your carriers individually to get quotes, Easy4Pro gives you a central portal where you can get the best deal for your shipment with one request. If you haven't yet taken advantage of our on-demand platform for TMS contact us at info@easy4pro.com or check out our website: www.easy4pro.com.



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