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Tech-Enabled Trust by Easy4Pro

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Trust is a keystone of every platform. Building trust by bringing transparency.

Successful seamless marketplaces are those where all parts trust each other enabling exchanges. Trust and transparency are fundamental for every relationship, and a commercial relationship in a marketplace is no exception. Reputation systems have been proven to be a useful tool to increase trust in marketplaces. The reputation system may be easier to understand if we think of the Amazon star system or the recommendation percentage on Netflix. Every client has the right to set a "reputation score", numeric assessment (1-5 star rating), and text area. This feature increases the trust in the marketplace, allowing you to know who you are buying from, what you are buying, and what you can expect from it.

As Easy4Pro we enable our shippers not only to confide in our/their carriers but also the other way around. Individuals dread the obscure, that’s why we aim to bring light and transparency. Building marketplace trust takes time. It has been one of the most important pillars of Easy4Pro since the beginning: we bring transparency for shippers to know how carriers create offers, how often they are on time, and how they share position status. We also bring transparency to carriers letting them know if their solution is in pole position or not thanks to a color code. This TRUST is a key part of our customer journey and shapes our customer’s experiences.

Two months ago, we introduced the Carrier’s Group Information allowing our Suppliers network to distinguish themselves from the others by informing about their qualifications (ISO compliance, Lean & Green, IATA certification) but also with various other elements which makes the difference such as spoken languages, details of their fleets, etc.

In Easy4Pro we believe that apart from being competitive in terms of pricing - which remains obviously the main component from a purchasing perspective - a supplier will have more chances to be selected for a shipment if trusted in terms of reliability & knowledge.

We believe in continuous improvement. That is the reason we are happy to announce the arrival of our new feature: The Carrier Ranking System!

This is a plan focused on 3 acts:

#1- Collect information: what shipments are more likely to have issues? Which carriers operate with higher/lower reliability?

#2- Share the collected information as KPIs back to shippers and allow the carriers to know their KPI and improve it.

#3- Via machine learning: predict and avoid issues.

Act #1

The rating is a reflection of quality and transparency so we can expand the trust between one another, as Trust is the BASE of each marketplace.

Every one of our shippers may now assess the service they got from a carrier on the shipment granted. If any incident occurred during the shipment they may report it and describe the type of non-conformity.

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Source: Easy4Pro

Act #2

Later on, this data will be stored and shared inside the entire Easy4Pro community. The carrier evaluations will be shown close to their name on the bidding page. This will guide decision-making when selecting an offer. Moreover, Easy4Pro will impart a rundown of the head of the game players every month! The top game players of each month will be communicated to our whole community (carriers and shippers), and the results will encourage our carriers to be able to improve their services and collect the feedback given by the shippers.

Act #3

We have been working on creating a machine learning algorithm that will learn from your feedback.

It will be able to tell apart between a carrier with low reliability from a shipment with high difficulty (too urgent, too little time to pick-up or other, etc). By doing so, it will be able to define ‘risky shipments’ to suggest the user privilege high-quality carriers.

We believe that not only this new feature will increase the trust in our marketplace but will help everyone understand by the feedback given how to improve even more day by day. If you would like to know more about our new feature do not hesitate to contact us at: info@easy4pro.com.

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