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Connect to your ERP

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Easy4Pro integrates directly into your ERP via EDI/API.

Over the past 30 years, Enterprise Resourcing Planning (ERP) systems have become widely deployed systems that form the basis of most companies. ERP is a system used by thousands of organizations to manage business information, providing a comprehensive view of business activity and performance.

However, traditional ERP systems have shortcomings when it comes to transportation management.

Indeed, a study conducted by Jim Hendrickson of Ohio State University reported that 86% of respondents believe that their ERP system needs to be complemented by other tools to automate the supply chain organization. The study mentions that an external TMS solution is often cited as the most suitable solution for ERP software.

Easy4Pro is a transport management TMS that connects in a simple and transparent way, companies with on-demand transport needs with carriers that have the capacity to meet this need.

One of the advantages of our TMS is that it connects directly to your ERP. Indeed, Easy4Pro has the possibility to plug into your ERP, to retrieve customer information and this allows the creation of a pre-order (pick up, delivery, goods, purchase order, and others) in our system from your ERP. The ability to return all information regarding the shipment: purchase price, selected supplier, shipment status, and more. Easy4Pro can get allied with freight forwarders to provide you a "control tower".

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