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Our Platform

A one-stop shop for all transport modes, from procurement to tracking until invoicing.

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Private Marketplace

You choose whom to invite into the procurement platform.
You can ask for 'Easy4Pro trusted' recommendations.

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Benchmark your suppliers with a reverse bidding system.
Communicate and exchange with shippers by our Chat & Documents exchange service. Obtain prices from suppliers instead of managing complex rate cards, especially useful for expedited freight.



Parcel Services

Compare the proposals of the global parcel carriers on the same screen and at the same time.
Choose between our negotiated parcel prices or your current negotiated parcel prices. Print your parcel label on our platform!

Direct access to the parcel carrier to monitor the latest status!


Rate Cards

Retrieve an automatic price based on rate cards from your suppliers.
Successfully apply for negotiated rate cards. Enforce them to your decentralized organization.

If you have no negotiated prices you may use ours.


Track and Trace

Follow the position of the goods until the delivery is in one place for all transport modes.
All the follow-up services of your carriers in one place!

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Chat and Documents

Save your time by avoiding messy phone calls and emails by contacting your carriers via live chat! 
Exchange files for customs, proof of delivery, waybill, and invoicing.


Invoice Audit

Get all your invoices checked by our team and validate the invoiced amount with the agreed parties.


Centralized Invoincing

You will receive a single invoice per month from us, we will pay all carriers.
You can ask for 'Easy4Pro trusted' recommendations. Collaborate with a PSP to do factoring.


Smart and user friendly

Create your planning: Open shipments, Ongoing, Late, and Finished. 

Define transport modes: to guide or suggest to your users. 
Invite selected carriers: per transport mode and geography.

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Business Inteligence

Real-time price forecasting.
Cost and savings analysis.

Track the quality rate of your carriers.


Machine to Machine connections

Allow API/EDI to your ERPs/TMS to create shipments, create and purchase orders, and more.



Make your choice of usage from an easy-to-implement SaaS to a full-power LLP.
Provide transparency to your procurement process by changing your current email/phone benchmarking process by an online managed process.


Control Tower - 4PL

1 team 24/7, 1 email address, 1 phone number.
Control Tower: Complex requests management, carriers negotiation, invoicing centralization, litigation management.

4PL: Added to all the control tower services will be flow optimization, consultation, annual RFQs, regular freight.


Compliance Oriented

Ensured benchmark.

Draft creation, solution providers, choice and validation, follow-up, payments: This can be done respecting the segregation of duties of your choice.

Approval flow with budget thresholds.

Each decision is recorded and justified by the user. Everything is tracked by our BI.

Follow whenever the cheapest solution is not retained.

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