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Our Platform

To make your operations more efficient, your company does more and more "on-demand".  This small percentage of your shipments takes up too much time and budget.
Easy4Pro allows you to achieve economies on your "on-demand transports" and at the same time keep it simple and efficient.



Strong points for Shippers


Transport modes & Invitation intelligence

  • Benchmark every transport you buy.

  • Work with our trusted carriers or invite your own suppliers.

  • Enforce your procurement procedures through our system, we fit your company’s needs.

  • Ensure to always have a solution thanks to one of the partner's concierge services - we can do it.

One place, all solutions

  • Retrieve & centralize all of your negotiated rate cards.

  • Increase competition amongst suppliers through a reverse auction.

  • Save up to 25% on each request.

  • Launch your real-time RFQ in less than 2 min. 

  • Delegate completely your logistics, we can work on 4PL control tower implementation.

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Compliance Oriented

  • Set up your own approval flows.

  • Get validators to approve from any device and enable effective segregation of duties.

  • Ensure 1-to-1 price confidentiality.

  • Simplify your freight audit and financial intermediation.

  • Connect via APIs/EDIs to your ERP or TMS.


Powerful analytics

  • Choose between simple reporting or diving deeper with our B.I. dedicated service.

  • Track performance tracking and cost-saving per plant.

  • Monitor carrier's quality KPIs.

  • Get updates via our tracking links and for premium tracking, just ask us.

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