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Easy4Pro is a private marketplace that empowers your operations.
Obtain on one screen all of your customers' shipments. 

Best part? No subscription is needed, just pay-as-you-go when winning a shipment



  • Struggling to get new business.

  • An obscure negotiation process.

  • Customers not always requesting for a quote

  • Updates via phone and emails.

  • Manual invoicing.

  • Showcase your quality and obtain new business.


  • Full visibility in a single platform


  • Easy & optimized processes.

  • Electronic pre-invoicing​

Strong points for
Logistics Providers


Show your quality and

obtain new business 

  • Focus on your activity and watch your business grow.


  • Adapt your offer to an on-demand world.

  • Diversify and increase your income.

Full visibility in one platform

  • Gain full visibility and be sure to always get invited to place an offer.

  • Manage all the daily requests from a unique page designed only for this purpose.


Easy & optimized process

  • Centralize all flows. 

  • Automate your first offer.

  • Automate exchanges to avoid manual tasks.

Electronic and pre-invoicing

  • Receive all the information you need to invoice in a digital format.

  • Communicate and exchange with shippers by our Chat & Documents exchange service.

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