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Discover how many logistics managers are killing the email overload and streamlining the spot freight.

Easy4pro makes non-regular transportation as efficient as regular freight.


Shippers and carriers all around the world connected in an easy and transparent way.

  • Benchmark every transport you buy.

  • Work with our trusted carriers or invite your own suppliers.

  • Enforce your procurement procedures through our system.

  • Ensure to always have a solution thanks to one of the partner's concierge services.

One place, all solutions

  • Retrieve & centralize all of your negotiated rate cards.

  • Increase competition amongst suppliers through a reverse auction.

  • Save up to 25% on each request.

  • Launch your real-time RFQ in less than 2 min.

  • Delegate completely your logistics, we can work on 4PL control tower implementation.

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Business Insights

The visibility provided by the integrated solution is absolutely key and so Easy4pro became interesting because we started to centralize the process with approval levels which brought greater visibility. Also, through the consolidation, we could have more control and competition in the transportation process, since the competitive bidding brings genuine value for us and that is quite significant.

Herve Galon
Global Leader for Material Planning and logistics, Off-Highway Business Unit.


With Easy4Pro it is much easier for our staff to find the right carriers. Especially with premium freight, the most important thing for our employees is to get the awarding process done as quickly as possible. In the past, they always called the freight forwarders they already knew and trusted. Now we have a much better overview and hire exactly the carriers we want. What I like the most about Easy4Pro is that it is flexible and always finds the best solution."

Stanislav Gorkurov,
Central Logistics Department, Transportation Management. BROSE GROUP.

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“We decided to implement Easy4Pro in 2018 for our unplanned transports because by that time we needed a tool that would allow us to get competitive prices and also give us transparency and efficiency in managing this type of transport.

The implementation of Easy4Pro went smoothly as the solution doesn’t need any software installation and it is very easy to use. In 2 years, we already achieved a 24% savings on freights.”

Joaquín Lourenco
Transport Specialist for GRUPO ANTOLIN Corporate Logistics


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