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A few yearly figures from Easy4Pro: 



What we do

Easy4Pro is a digital platform that connects shippers and carriers all around the world in an easy and transparent way. In a few simple steps, Easy4Pro allows the shipper to request a shipment and then choose their carrier after a transparent Bidding. Easy4Pro is reshaping the on-demand delivery market, bringing transparency and efficiency. 

How we do it

Easy4Pro offers you an overview of current market prices all along the buying process while the automated reports give you the Business Intelligence you need to improve your buying strategy. Data segregation is ensured by providing absolute impartiality between the parties.

How we started

Founded in 2016 by Redspher Group with the support of Eurazeo and present in France, Luxembourg, Portugal, and the United States, Easy4Pro has rapidly achieved global success, is already operating in more than 40 countries, and has been implemented by several worldwide companies. 

If you are looking to save time and money, to have an efficient and transparent process, Easy4Pro is your best solution!

To make your operations more efficient, your company does more and more on-demand. This small percentage of your shipments takes up too much time and budget.

Easy4Pro allows you to achieve economies on your on-demand and
at the same time keep it
simple and efficient.